Orlando Haunted Maze

  • 3209 Calloway Drive
  • Orlando, FL
  • 407-456-9999
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Charity / NOT For Profit
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Event is opened in October and November weekends. COME UNTIL YOU DIE HAHAHAHA MEET THE CAST ON OCT 3 2014

3-4 TH
30-th 31-1TH
7;30-12 pm
Doors open at 7:00 pm nightly
UNTILYOU DIE!!!1 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.The maze is bigger and better and you know you may not make it out hahahahahahahaha. Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: 7:00 UNTI YOU DIE

Admission Costs: $10.00 FOR 12 AND OLDER $5.00 11AND YOUNGER

- event open dates

Event last updated 24 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go.
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  • the dead nurse out front

    She was fing great scard my boyfriend so bad and made him hide behinf our tall friend was so fu.ny when she said his legs were long enough she could use them to help her. Lmao way to go girl

    Posted 10/24/14
  • freaking awesome

    The dead nurse out front asking for body parts was awesome she scared me so bad i peed my pants and the chain saw guy didnt help but dr. Was amazing oh hell everyone was but i got to say the dead nurse out front stole the show for me thank you guys for the awesome hunt was way better then hhn hell yeah keep up the good work we will be back next week. The scared craples group.

    Posted 10/24/14
  • Awesome Scares and Great fun!

    My daughter and I had a great time! I was screaming, crying, and laughing so hard! It's a must do for the season!

    Posted 10/24/14
  • Awesome experience

    Watch out for Michael Meyers! Worth the money. Better than HHN, minus the beer.

    Posted 10/24/14
  • OMG they did it up thos yr

    The bomb the owner George did a great job this year better then last year. Dark and good going again this weekend with my 30 friends they will love it keep it up George. they do it awesome job in this big yard you won't believe what is inside it is scary as hell I cannot wait to go back this weekend with all my friends I already said that once I'm saying it again it is worth the $10 to go to this place I would pay 50 dollars to go to this place if they were in a building. Tom P

    Posted 10/22/14
  • Scared N A-Mazed

    Had an awesome Saturday night, (10/18/2014), with my family enjoyed this haunted maze that surprised us with it's well done haunting scenes, scary actors and props. Make-up was also well done. Even the scene & props outside in front of the maze were nicely done! I loved that it was home made not commercialized...Plus it was also for a charity not for profit, so it made it even better!

    Posted 10/20/14
  • Scary as hell

    I was working the front,and had a blast! The scare actors are top notch. The owner, my brother does a great production.I especially love the "pretty girl" clowns,meniacal,creepy,and hilarious! Go if you haven't experienced this! Packed last night!

    Posted 10/19/14
  • Best "Haunted House" or Maze in Orlando

    Id been to H.H nights a couple of times, Petrified Forest and a few other Haunts. Someone comes up with this backyard plan and puts all of them to shame. All I have to say it is dark and creepy! I will be back

    Posted 10/18/14
  • Worth the drive!

    We were looking for something different, not too commercial, but homemade and creative... We were not disappointed! We drove from Windermere to what I want to say is maitland, but is addressed as Orlando... About 35 minutes away.... From the very beginning, the lighting is really well done. My husband works in lighting, and he was impressed with the lighting in this home haunt... It really messes with your eyes and is very effective.. All of their actors are great and they have the timing down pat. I was thrilled and surprised around every corner! It took between 10-12 minutes to walk through, and I thought it was worth the drive! As a lover of all things DIY and Halloween, I give this haunt 5?????????? for a very well done home haunt that I wish was on my block! Sonja- windermere, fl

    Posted 10/18/14
  • Aaaaaaaaa!

    I voted for Carrie! OMG I swear I voted for Carrie!!

    Posted 10/18/14
  • Great fun

    Went to maze and it was awesome

    Posted 10/17/14
  • This maze was pumptastic!!!!

    I agree with many of the reviews. The maze was great. All the actors did a great job in creating a horrific and scary experience. The scenes were really fun and some looked pretty high in quality. For a homeowner to have this production value, was a surprise. You can tell they put good energy and thought into creating an optimum experience. Chainsaw guy and Doctor guy were very good. Also enjoyed the clown Joker. He was awesome. But overall, the clowns working outside with the wigs and sick demeanor stole the show. One of them had a see through mask he was using to emulate real skin like a serial killer, Spooked the hell out of my girlfriend. He was plain sick but the best out there. We tried to ask him directions to park, but he never answered. We asked him how much and kept laughing and stopping and laughing again in the most maniacal way. Great job to all! Especially the "pretty girls"

    Posted 10/14/14
  • Tell me im pretty clowns

    OMG I AM NEVER GOING BACK!! They were too good. Haven't been able to sleep for a week.

    Posted 10/14/14
  • pretty girl clowns rocked

    I just read your review and couldn't agree more about those clowns. These guys were FREAAAAAAKSSSSSSSSSS!!! THE BEST!! SO GOOD, They made the maze the best! One looked through my sunroof that was partly opened upon leaving and my wife was not aware until i heard her scream so loud. I was hysterical as i drove away and watched them chase us talking gibberish and their creepy giggles. They had the best lines. Cracked us up and really turned the creep vibe up perfectly. Total craft done well. OSCAR WORTHY Stuff. The maze was great too. I especially liked seeing Carrie and the red eye spooky guy looking for souls was good. He got us good.

    Posted 10/14/14
  • pretty girls clowns

    So i kept hearing about this place for a few year and decided to go after reading all the reviews. My first instinct told me it was gonna be pure lame and sappy. WOW!!!! Was i surprised. I cant believe how good this thing was. The owner did a fantastic job!. I took my girlfriend and another couple and the moment we drove up, people were screaming and running out with the chainsaw buzzing. What was best though was when we were standing in line for tickets, I got a kick out the of the death certificates. (basically some liability waiver). Best yet was the craziest two specific clowns in wigs. When we first saw them, we didn't know what to think other than "oh, they have clowns here too." These were the best clowns we have ever encountered at a place like this. They were creepy and disturbing but had a lot of "act" to offer. My girlfriend was bone chilled by their constant and creepy laughter. They followed us to the line and worked us through it. One of them knew how badly my girlfriend was freaked and purposely went in before she did and got her good. After we came out, these two freaks followed us to the car and scared us over and over again. My girlfriend she peed in her pants out of fear. Those clowns, (they kept asking if they we pretty) were the highlight of the maze. The other scare actors were very good but the two pretty clowns stole the show. We had such a terrific time, in and out. The scenes were great. The actors inside were fun and scary. They had so many surprises around every turn. Blew universal away. Blew the "termitic forest" away. This was the class of this year Halloween events led by the two pretty clowns,. Those guys could have worked in movies, they were so convincing and never winced, got out of character, or answered questions. They stayed perfectly demented and just had us thinking how real they could be. GREAT JOB ALL THE WAY 6 Pumpkins if possible. We will definitely go back. I could just see the clowns and be completely satisfied. Of course, I would go in again though. It was worth it.

    Posted 10/14/14
  • Awesome haunted house!

    Place is awesome. Well layed out scares around every corner.

    Posted 10/12/14
  • Scary! Scary!

    This was an awesome haunted house! Took my kids and niece, they had a blast! My niece was crying before we even went in! The two "pretty" clowns were terrifying but funny! They did such a great job! Watch for CHAINSAWS!!! CREEPY!! We were so impressed with the haunted house! Every turn.. every room was terrifying and scary! The actors did such an extraordinary job! Beats Halloween Horror Nights ! We are already talking about going back! Thanks for an eventful family night! You guys are great!

    Posted 10/11/14
  • Scary

    The haunted maze was well planned out. Awesome experience..Must see and experience for yourself...definately kept me on my toes.

    Posted 10/11/14
  • Fantastic

    It was an awesome experience to share with my family. I would suggest for 10 and up because it can be quite intense. It was busy when we arrived but still waited less than 20 minutes for the haunted house. They even had a scare actor who passed the time while you wait. Everyone at this haunt gets into character so well. I wouldn't pass the chance to hit this attraction. I went to Petrified Forest and Halloween Horror Night's, I Enjoyed this better for numerous of reasons including it's a great cause. It's not as big as the other two attractions but for what they have they make it work. Leather Face got us good. The Doctor was quite interesting. The pretty guy or "thing" should be a trademark. It's hilarious. All of the actors here make this haunted attraction. Do Not Miss Your Chance To Experience THIS! My son won't be able to sleep tonight. Go and check it out for yourselves!! I would pay 25 dollars for this event.

    Posted 10/11/14
  • Excellent Maze for a Good Cause

    We visited as we passed through town. Timing of groups were really good. Excellent for ages 10 and up.

    Posted 10/10/14
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