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Epic 90s Horror Movies Perfect for a Fun Filled Night in With Friends

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Who doesn't love a good horror movie? Even though Halloween has come and gone, it doesn't mean you need to slow down on watching the horror flicks - it's too early to bust out the Christmas lights and heartwarming holiday movies, if you ask us.

But where to start? Well, the 1990s are a great place to start if you're looking for Horror Movies to binge watch - there's a ton of different types of horror flicks that came out in the 90s that were iconic for a variety of different reasons, and to help you on your way to a night of fear-filled fun with friends, we've put together some of our all time favorite 90s Horror Flicks for you to check out on your next movie night!

  • Dead Alive (1992) - This horror flick is iconic for a variety of reasons - the slapstick humor, the dark comedy, the ridiculous special effects, and the overall campy-ness, which is a staple of cult classic horror flicks. "Dead Alive" (also known as "Brain Dead" for viewers outside of the US), is about a New Zealand woman who is bitten by a rabid rat-monkey at the zoo, and turned into a zombie. After realizing that his mom wasn't actually killed by the bite, but turned into a zombie, her son, Lionel, tries to contain his mother, but she spreads the zombie plague to the village, and hilarity and commotion ensues. Although this film bombed at the box office during its initial release, it's gone on to become of horror fan favorite because of its over-the-top nature, and seemingly endless hilarity.

  • Army of Darkness (1992) - If you're a lover of all things Bruce Campbell, then you've undoubtedly already seen "Army of Darkness", but for those uninitiated, it's the 3rd Installment of the "Evil Dead" Franchise. Ash (played by Bruce Campbell), finds himself trapped in medieval times, and must find the Necronomicon, a book filled with all sorts of evil, in order to transport himself back to his own time. But, things don't go as planned, he accidentally unleashes a bunch of evil dead guys, who form an army of the dead, which he needs to fight off with his crazy chainsaw-hand. Another over-the-top horror camp classic, if you haven't seen "Army of Darkness", you have no idea what you're missing.

  • The Sixth Sense (1999) - So, this movie is absolutely scary, but for an entirely different reason than "Dead Alive" or "Army of Darkness". In "The Sixth Sense", Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist played by Bruce Willis, is trying to help his young patient Cole Sear, played by a very young Haley Joel Osment, who sees ghosts and spirits, and, as everyone knows by now, Cole tells Dr. Crowe "I See Dead People" - a line which people still quote from this movie. A psychological thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who has now become iconic for his crazy twist endings, this movie is its own kind of creepy, with a sense of dread, suspense, and anxiety building up throughout the entire movie, and boy, when the twist at the end is exposed, do the floodgates open.

  • Stephen King's Misery (1990) - You know the movie is going to be scary when the headliner is Kathy Bates - it's just a fact. While I'm sure in real life she's probably a nice enough woman (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it), on screen, Ms. Bates is nothing short of downright terrifying. In "Misery", Kathy plays a nurse who is an obsessive fan of an author, Paul Sheldon (played by James Caan), who she basically entraps, and nurses back to health while demanding he bring her favorite book character back to life after having killed the character off in his last novel. This movie is downright terrifying, and has been given a tremendous amount of praise and accolades, including a Best Actress Oscar win for Kathy Bates in her role as Annie Wilkes. This film is chilling, and has absolutely become a pinnacle example of psychological thrillers, in no small part due to the epic performance of Ms. Bates.

  • Se7ven (1995) - Have you seen "Se7ven"? Of all of the movies on this list, it may be the most disturbing of all (yes, even more disturbing than a deranged Kathy Bates imprisoning a writer and forcing him to write books like a nutter). Kevin Spacey plays a deranged serial killer known throughout the movie as "John Doe" who is murdering people that be believes are representative of the Seven Deadly Sins, and he's killing them in crazy ways that reflect their sins. Creepy. The murders all come to a horrifying crescendo seen as one of the most terrifying twists in movie history, when Spacey leads the two detectives out into the desert where he reveals his final two murders in a twist you simply won't see coming.

Whats Your Favorite Horror Movie from the 90s? Let Us Know in the Comments Below!



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